PHS Board Meeting Minutes August 27, 2018

Present: Ruth Barton, Carolyn Handy, Lyssa Papazian, Maryann Toffolon, Barry Stockwell, Betsy MacIsaac, Lindley Speers, Tim Ragle arrived at 7:30 Secretary’s report: Draft minutes of the 07/30/18 meeting were previously distributed by email. A motion was made by Carolyn and seconded by Barry to accept the minutes as presented. Motion passed. Treasurer’s report: Not available … Read more

PHS meeting minutes, Sept. 27 08

Putney Historical Society minutes—September 27, 2008
Present:  Barbara Taylor, Tom Jamison, Tim Ragle, Maryanne Toffolon, Stuart Strothman, Lyssa Papazian
President call to order:
Minutes of the annual meeting are in process—will be reviewed at next meeting.

Veterans Memorial—we know of a few more names to put on the memorial, and will check with Laurel and/or Marion Daley.  We still have money to add names.
We have a Boy Scout who wants to do a history project for  his Eagle badge—we will talk to Laura  H and do some research to see what we have for  him.
Pierce’s Hall is seeking grants—will look to Windham Foundation, and will have no conflict there—they will seek a letter through the Preservation Trust for possible additional support.  We mentioned a few other grant sources, and Anne said she’d look into that.
Painted Curtains Event Oct 4, 11-4 at Putney Town Hall— came in and started to repaint—will come back and paint all day on Oct 4, and we’ll be open for public display—Barb is trying to get 14 tables for that Saturday—town is hard, but will look into church and/or Putney School.  She’ll get back to us if needing help.
General Store Project—Stuart briefly introduced our status as of Thursday evening’s task force,

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Annual meeting minutes, Sept 23 08

Putney Historical Society Annual Meeting Minutes
Putney Community Center
September 21, 2008

Board members present: Stuart Strothman, Tim Ragle, Tom Jamison, Jane Rawley, Maryanne Toffolon, Ruth Barton, Barbara Taylor
Also present: Selectboard member Josh Laughlin, Paul Bruhn of Preservation Trust; maybe 150-175 PHS members and other attendees.

President Stuart Strothman called the meeting to order.

Malcolm Donaldson, a Putney School student, performed song inspired by the Putney General Store fire.

Business Meeting

Approval of last years minutes.  Ruth moved to accept minutes.  Seconded by group.

Financial statement.  Moved by Ruth Barton.  Seconded by Maryanne Toffolon.

Marianne read slate of officers for PHS.

Pres. Stuart Strothman
VP Tim Ragle
Sec. Lindley Speers
Treas. Tom Jamison

Ruth Barton moves to accept slate of officers.  Seconded by group.

Painted curtains Oct. 4th Saturday will be on display in Town Hall.

After discussion of Store project, members will be asked for show of hands if they approve the project.

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Minutes: August 23 08–draft

The minutes below should be considered a draft, pending approval by the PHS board.

PHS Minutes, Aug. 23, 2008
Present: Stuart, Ruth, Lyssa, Tom , Tim, Maryanne, Lindley, Jane
Meeting called to order at 9:30 a.m.

Prior to meeting: We determined that the Joy family settee recently offered us was not from Vermont, and so we will not accept it. Ruth will encourage the donors to research the Joy family in Ohio instead.

Stuart Strothman called the meeting to order.

Minutes of May 31, 2008 accepted.

Putney General Store
Lyssa summarized the efforts of a group of concerned citizens trying to prevent the historic Putney General Store from total decline, before it is too late to preserve it. Since the April fire, the 1769 structure has remained boarded up in the center of town.

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Annual Meeting: September 11, 2005

Location: Putney Cares Barn

Members present: Ruth Barton, Laurel Ellis, Barbara Taylor, Lindley Speers, Jane Rawley, Stuart Strothman, Tom Jamison, Jacquie Walker.
Also present: Laura Heller, Marilyn Loomis, Bill Darrow Jr., and about forty others.

The meeting was called to order by president Ruth Barton, who began by mentioning the accomplishments, and sad passing of Elaine Dixon, whose loss we felt deeply.

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Annual Meeting, Sept. 24 2006

Location: Pierce’s Hall, East Putney

Members present: Barbara Taylor, Ruth Barton, Stuart Strothman, Lindley Speers, Laurel Ellis, MaryJane MacGuire, Jane Rawley
Also present: 18 people, including Marilyn Loomis of the East Putney Community Club.

Meeting called to order by Ruth Barton.

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July 27 07

Present: Ruth, Laurel, Tom, Jane, Stuart

Sept 23rd, Sunday at 2 for annual meeting—possibly at Community Center—need to call Rosemary Bryant 387-6002 to confirm.

Nominating committee—Ruth, Jane, Laurel. They’ll come up with the slate. New board member to be, Maryanne Toffolon. Need other new members.

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November 14 07

Present: Stuart Strothman, Tim Ragle, Lindley Speers, Jane Rawley, Lyssa Papazian, Laurel Ellis, and Tom Jamison.
Secretary’s Report
President Stuart Strothman presented the minutes of the PHS Annual Meeting, held September 23, 2007, at the Community Center.
Motion to accept the minutes was made, seconded, and accepted.

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Annual Meeting, September 23 07

Location: Putney Community Center

Members present: President Ruth Barton, Vice President Laurel Ellis, Secretary Stuart Strothman, Barbara Taylor, Tom Jamison, Jane Rawley, Tim Ragle
Also present, many people including Craig Stead, co presenter with Tim Ragle of historic 1820’s house.

Meeting called to order by Ruth Barton at 2:00 p.m.

Secretary’s report was offered. Motion by Laurel Ellis to accept the September 24, 2006 minutes of the Putney Historical Society Annual Meeting was seconded and accepted.

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May 31 08

PHS Minutes, May 31, 2008
Present: Tim, Ruth, Lindley, Barbara, Stuart, Laurel, Maryanne

Minutes of PHS Jan. 19, 2008 approved
Twilight on the tavern—moved and seconded to contribute $100 to the concert series. Concerts will be on Sunday this year.
Regular hours + staffing—Stuart is planning to staff PHS 9-12 Saturdays, and would like to advertise.

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