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A History of the Corner Store

on Oct 5th 2008

By Laurel Ellis and Stuart Strothman

There has been a general merchandise store on the site of the Putney General Store, and possibly in the same building, for over 200 years. Read the entire post: A History of the Corner Store

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It’s (Painted) Curtains at PHS! Oct 4

on Oct 1st 2008

by Barbara Taylor

Chris Hadsel, who worked on the Painted Theater curtains awhile ago, recently announced a Windham County Open House that will take place October 4 & 5 in the towns of Jamaica, Newfane, Grafton, Saxtons River, Westminster, Guilford and Putney, displaying painted curtains from itinerant painters in the early 1900s.  Putney Historical Society will be hosting her painters and displaying our curtains from 10 – 4 on Saturday, October 4.

She arrived at PHS on Monday Sept. 14 to look at the Advertising curtain (she had not been present when they repaired it) and the Town Hall.  The Tree/Leaf panels that were near the stage caught her eye, and she identified them as being painted by a man named Henry who did curtains up and down this valley.  The folks she sent to repair the Advertising curtain really didn’t think these were important enough to work with at the time; Chris found them and the top teasers to be in good shape and needing some additional
TLC.  Come see these beautiful works of art.

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PHS meeting minutes, Sept. 27 08

on Oct 1st 2008

Putney Historical Society minutes—September 27, 2008
Present:  Barbara Taylor, Tom Jamison, Tim Ragle, Maryanne Toffolon, Stuart Strothman, Lyssa Papazian
President call to order:
Minutes of the annual meeting are in process—will be reviewed at next meeting.

Veterans Memorial—we know of a few more names to put on the memorial, and will check with Laurel and/or Marion Daley.  We still have money to add names.
We have a Boy Scout who wants to do a history project for  his Eagle badge—we will talk to Laura  H and do some research to see what we have for  him.
Pierce’s Hall is seeking grants—will look to Windham Foundation, and will have no conflict there—they will seek a letter through the Preservation Trust for possible additional support.  We mentioned a few other grant sources, and Anne said she’d look into that.
Painted Curtains Event Oct 4, 11-4 at Putney Town Hall— came in and started to repaint—will come back and paint all day on Oct 4, and we’ll be open for public display—Barb is trying to get 14 tables for that Saturday—town is hard, but will look into church and/or Putney School.  She’ll get back to us if needing help.
General Store Project—Stuart briefly introduced our status as of Thursday evening’s task force, Read the entire post: PHS meeting minutes, Sept. 27 08

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Annual meeting minutes, Sept 23 08

on Oct 1st 2008

Putney Historical Society Annual Meeting Minutes
Putney Community Center
September 21, 2008

Board members present: Stuart Strothman, Tim Ragle, Tom Jamison, Jane Rawley, Maryanne Toffolon, Ruth Barton, Barbara Taylor
Also present: Selectboard member Josh Laughlin, Paul Bruhn of Preservation Trust; maybe 150-175 PHS members and other attendees.

President Stuart Strothman called the meeting to order.

Malcolm Donaldson, a Putney School student, performed song inspired by the Putney General Store fire.

Business Meeting

Approval of last years minutes.  Ruth moved to accept minutes.  Seconded by group.

Financial statement.  Moved by Ruth Barton.  Seconded by Maryanne Toffolon.

Marianne read slate of officers for PHS.

Pres. Stuart Strothman
VP Tim Ragle
Sec. Lindley Speers
Treas. Tom Jamison

Ruth Barton moves to accept slate of officers.  Seconded by group.

Painted curtains Oct. 4th Saturday will be on display in Town Hall.

After discussion of Store project, members will be asked for show of hands if they approve the project. Read the entire post: Annual meeting minutes, Sept 23 08

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