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Community Discussion of General Store Project at Annual Meeting, September 21 08

on Sep 6th 2008

Whether you are a historical society member, or simply a concerned citizen, please attend our informational discussion at the Community Center on Sunday, September 21, 2008, at 2 p.m, to learn about our phased plan to save the General Store. This will be our annual meeting, beginning with the introduction of our new slate of officers. We will seek direction from our members on this project, and we encourage contributions from other interested members of the community. Lyssa Papazian, the board’s community liason for this project, will lead the discussion along with president Stuart Strothman, and Paul Bruhn of the Preservation Trust of Vermont. Other members of our task force will be present as well to answer questions. This will be an opportunity for the people of Putney to judge the feasibility of our plans, and to consider contribution of some kind toward our efforts to restore the general merchandise store which has anchored our town center for 165 years. This will be a major event in the history of Putney, and we sincerely hope you will attend. If we are successful, we will restore the town center, and help to stabilize our community’s character and economy.

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Minutes: August 23 08–draft

on Sep 6th 2008

The minutes below should be considered a draft, pending approval by the PHS board.

PHS Minutes, Aug. 23, 2008
Present: Stuart, Ruth, Lyssa, Tom , Tim, Maryanne, Lindley, Jane
Meeting called to order at 9:30 a.m.

Prior to meeting: We determined that the Joy family settee recently offered us was not from Vermont, and so we will not accept it. Ruth will encourage the donors to research the Joy family in Ohio instead.

Stuart Strothman called the meeting to order.

Minutes of May 31, 2008 accepted.

Putney General Store
Lyssa summarized the efforts of a group of concerned citizens trying to prevent the historic Putney General Store from total decline, before it is too late to preserve it. Since the April fire, the 1769 structure has remained boarded up in the center of town. Read the entire post: Minutes: August 23 08–draft

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Genesis Church of the Brethren

on Sep 6th 2008

The Church of the Brethren bears an historical relationship to the Quakers and the Menonites, as one of the three main branches of brethren-related churches which have grown from colonial and early American communities organized in Pennsylvania. Here in Putney,

In 1981, in late summer, three families moved to southeastern Vermont to establish a Church of the Brethren. They purchased a large New England farmhouse [the old Bentley house, out West Hill Rd] in Putney which they renovated into three separate apartments. The family had met several years before at Bethany Theological Seminary. Through their three years of study they formed a House Church. It was during that time that the idea of planting a Church and sharing a common ministry was born. They envisioned going into an area where the Brethren had never been, [hoping] to establish a church based on their best understanding of the New Testament and historic Brethren values, yet…far…from…modern cultural Brethrenism.
-Carl Bowman, mailed to Paul Grout, May 29, 2001

Read the entire post: Genesis Church of the Brethren

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Putney Historical Timeline, 1500s – 2003

strottrot on Sep 4th 2008

This timeline was created by Laurel Ellis and Fern Tavalin for the celebration of the 250th anniversary of Putney’s charter. Read the entire post: Putney Historical Timeline, 1500s – 2003

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