Governor to honor PHS with above $200K for general store

On Friday, March 20, Governor Douglas is expected to present the Putney Historical Society with a grant of about $200,000 from the Vermont Community Development Program to pay for the stabilization of the general store building.  The project, budgeted for $225K, will restore the structure, pay for the truss roof and slate shingles, in addition to many of the soft costs involved in assessment, appraisal, management, and contracting.

Needless to say, we are thrilled and honored by the state’s generosity, and we are convinced that a revitalized general store will help to draw people into the heart of our community.  We will now be able to own the building, create a much-needed home for PHS, and lease to a store operator.  Our thanks go out to all in the community who have helped us on our way.

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