Putney General Store

lpapazian on Mar 9th 2017

The Putney Historical Society is working on re-opening the store ourselves with the help from community and expert advisors. We hope to open in March or as soon as possible…stay tuned! (PS many many thanks to Hotwheelz for the upcoming fundraiser to benefit the reopening of the general store. Information regarding the fundraiser is at

Any donations towards this effort will go toward startup costs and equipment repair and can be made directly to PHS at Putney Historical Society, PO Box 260, Putney, Vermont 05346.

Sadly there will be no pharmacy at this time and plans for the upstairs are ongoing. Please call Lyssa Papazian at (802) 579-3698 for info or with ideas.

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Join us for the 2016 PHS Annual Meeting –1953 Putney in Living Color! And Other Vintage Films of Town

lpapazian on Nov 3rd 2016

1953-film-still    Sunday November 13

    1:00 -3:00 pm

   at Next Stage (15 Kimball Hill)

   Free and open to all

   Refreshments will be served

1953 Putney in Living Color!

Come see a real slice of Putney history before the Interstate. We will be showing a film of scenes around town shot for the town’s bicentennial in 1953.  The list of locations includes West River Basket Company, Putney School, Putney Central School, Senator Aiken’s home and his nursery, Darrow’s Orchards, the Federated Church, Cumming’s Store and the center of town, the Hannum, Goodell, Hamilton, Braley, Frost, Maley, Hubbard, Watson, and Scott farms, and much more. The film was made by Edward Tyler and Richard Gamble.

We will also be showing 2 very short Putney School films from 1938 shot by one of the first students showing Harvest Festival of 1938 and the campus clean up after the 1938 Hurricane. These are in color too.

Following the older films, we’ll be showing the 2003 film made of the Town’s 250th Anniversary Parade. As one participant noted: “Half the town was in the parade and the other half watched!”

The films will start after a brief business meeting. Refreshments will be served.

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on Apr 6th 2016

After a hiatus for construction at Next Stage, the Putney Historical Society is pleased to announce that the office at 15 Kimball Hill (Next Stage) will now be open Saturday Mornings from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Train wreck photo by Mary Thwing

Come check out our wonderful historic photos, start a genealogy project, research your house, or just share stories and look at a few objects from the collection each week. Hours are designed to overlap with Town Clerk Saturday hours in case research at town hall is part of your project. If you have research needs and can’t come during regular office hours, please email us at and we’ll try to find a time that works.



PHS Office Address                                                 Mailing:                                   
15 Kimball Hill (Next Stage)                                  P.O. Box 260
802-387-4411                                                           Putney, Vermont 05346

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Major Grant Successes in Next Stage/15 Kimball Hill Capital Campaign: Goal in Sight – Community Appeal to Follow

on Jul 1st 2014

PHS is embarked on an amazing partnership with Next Stage Arts Project (NSAP) to restore and renovate the Next Stage Performing Arts Center at 15 Kimball Hill. This collaboration has just yielded a number of major grant successes that have given the Capital Campaign an impressive boost. To turn the former historic church into a fully accessible 21st century performing arts center with an elevator, great theater, sprinkler system, and restored exterior, our campaign goal is $860,000. We are thrilled to announce that together PHS and NSAP have raised $650,000 to date including a brand new $320,000 grant just awarded to NSAP by ArtPlace America. This highly competitive grant in which NSAP was one of only 55 recipients from a field of nearly 1300, gives national recognition of our efforts at community & art place-making in Putney. In addition to the $320,000 for the building project, ArtPlace awarded NSAP $50,000 to develop new programming and school partnerships.  

Read the entire post: Major Grant Successes in Next Stage/15 Kimball Hill Capital Campaign: Goal in Sight – Community Appeal to Follow

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Dating Older Houses: with Tim Ragle of Jonathan Jesup Restoration

on May 3rd 2014

Friday, March 14 at 7pm
at Next Stage (15 Kimball Hill Rd.) in Putney

Dating Older Houses: with Tim Ragle of Jonathan Jesup RestorationDownload the Flyer

A Putney Historical Society Presentation
Suggested donation $10,
with all proceeds supporting
the 15 Kimball Hill / Next Stage capital campaign.

On Friday, March 14, PHS Vice President and master craftsman Timothy Ragle will give an authoritative talk about antique interiors. Using hands-on artifacts and slides from Putney houses, Tim will teach you how to “read” an older house to determine its age, and what parts of the house may be original or added at later dates. This will develop your eye for architectural detail, especially if you live or work in a pre-1850 building. Much of our nicest Vermont workmanship involves these antique interior features.

Read the entire post: Dating Older Houses: with Tim Ragle of Jonathan Jesup Restoration

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Many Community Donations and Grants Help Putney Historical Society Successfully Complete Improvements at Next Stage/15 Kimball Hill

on Apr 8th 2013

Contact: Lyssa Papazian, PHS Board Member, Chair Development Committee–802) 387-2878, mobile (802) 579-3698,
The new bathrooms (including one ADA accessible) and rear fire exit at Next Stage/15 Kimball Hill are now complete. The Putney Historical Society is pleased to be able to say that the building is now in compliance with fire and life-safety code and is a major step closer to full compliance with ADA regulations. The first floor is now fully accessible and the second floor has a code-compliant rear fire exit. In addition, the two bathrooms and rear addition in poor condition have been rebuilt and the crawl space has a new vapor barrier. These improvements are critical to allowing events to continue at the emerging new Next Stage community and performance venue in Putney. With the tremendous support of over 85 local donors and five grants, Putney Historical Society (PHS) has been successful in its effort to raise over $25,000 to do the code construction work at the 1841 historic former United Church Of Putney – 15 Kimball Hill – which is now the home of PHS offices and Next Stage Arts project. The “Building Compliance & Emergency Project” was launched quietly in the summer with a local appeal to members and past donors as well as several grant applications. The project has been supported by the State of Vermont through a Cultural Facilities Grant from the Vermont Arts Council of $12,750. Other generous foundation grants include The Vermont Community Foundation through its Small and Inspiring Grant Program ($2000), the Walter Cerf Community Fund ($2500), the Riverledge Foundation ($2000) and the Crosby-Gannet Fund ($500). Over $6500 came from 88 local donors and the in-kind support of Farnum Cellulose and local carpenters Nick Keil and Abijah Reed.
PHS still hopes to raise money to build a $10,000 Emergency Reserve Fund to address repairs and other critical issues (roof leaks, paint/structure failure, or mechanical repairs) if they arise in the next few years. In fact we already had to repair roof leaks and replace an aging hot water heater in the last several months alone.
Since 2010, the Putney Historical Society has partnered with Next Stage Arts to develop 15 Kimball Hill – the former church building in the center of Putney Village – into a fully functioning performing arts and community center. Their overall goals for Next Stage/15 Kimball Hill are to help revitalize and sustain the slumped local village economy and keep an important landmark alive and serving the community. The historic building is in fair to good condition and stable but needs safety and ADA access improvements to continue being used while we build toward a larger capital campaign. We have a 5-year plan for a comprehensive rehabilitation/preservation of the building that addresses all the code and building needs identified in recent evaluations and feasibility plans which will require a longer fund-raising planning process. As reported in the Brattleboro Reformer recently. the larger project was just awarded a Village Center tax credit of over $125,000 towards code and façade improvements which will include an elevator and sprinkler system.
In the interim, PHS developed the 2-year “Building Compliance & Emergency” project which will keep the building in use to continue to develop the audience and fund-raising constituency for the larger rehabilitation. The 2-yr Building Compliance and Emergency fund has been approached through small grants and very low-key local appeals to continue operating and avoid potential local donor fatigue while a larger capital campaign is fully planned for the next steps along the path to a fully compliant and state of the art performance and gathering venue. Over the last 2-3 years both PHS and Next Stage (with the help of donations and grants) have managed to accomplish a considerable amount of improvements to the safety and operations of the building including electrical upgrade work, insulation of the walls and windows, code work to the furnace room and front stairs, installation of a fire alarm system and lighted egress signage, roof repair, as well as improvements to the stage, lighting and technical room.
Successful Fundraising
The success of the “Building Compliance Project”, our past accomplishments, and a recent vote of confidence by the Vermont Downtown Board in awarding the long term renovation project a substantial tax credit will be an enormous help in our effort to launch a larger capital campaign to achieve all our goals.

Building Compliance & Emergency Project Information:

Owner: Putney Historical Society
Architect: Greenberg Assocs.
General Contractor: Severance Building & Design plus individual work on the crawl space by Farnum Cellulose Insulators
Major Funding By:
-Over 85 Generous Individual Local Donors
-Vermont Arts Council – Cultural Facilities Program
-Vermont Community Foundation – Small & Inspiring Fund
-Vermont Community Foundation – Walter Cerf Fund
-Riverledge Foundation
-Crosby-Gannet Fund
-In-kind donations such as labor from volunteers and discounts from Farnum

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PHS Votes to Take United Church of Putney

on Aug 22nd 2009

Today at the annual meeting, PHS members voted to accept the 1841 United Church of Putney, with the understanding it will become our new home. Community suppers and support groups will continue. What a day!
Our report included a total of 660K to date for the general store. Opening May 3. Thank you, to friends and supporters.

Church, c.1900

Church, c.1900

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The Federated Church/United Church of Putney–our new home?

on Jul 31st 2009

The Putney Historical Society will soon decide whether to accept the kind offer of the United Church of Putney at its annual meeting on Saturday, August 22, at the church. The United Church of Putney recently closed after 237 of existence. Read about this story online in the Commons: Church closing means a likely new home for the Putney Historical Society. A detailed history of the church is available on this website.

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Experienced Proprietors for the General Store

on Jul 22nd 2009

PHS is pleased to announce its positive, ongoing negotiations with Lonnie and Obe Lisai, who run Lisai’s Market in Chester Depot, and come from generations of Vermont grocers. Read the recent Reformer article.

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Historical Society open Saturdays and Tuesdays

on Jul 22nd 2009

With the exception of July 25 and 28, the Historical Society will continue to be open until late August on Saturdays and Tuesdays from 10-2, or by appointment.

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