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Dating Older Houses: with Tim Ragle of Jonathan Jesup Restoration

on Jan 22nd 2016


Friday, March 14 2014 at 7pm
at Next Stage (15 Kimball Hill Rd.) in Putney

Dating Older Houses: with Tim Ragle of Jonathan Jesup Restoration

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A Putney Historical Society Presentation
Suggested donation $10,
with all proceeds supporting
the 15 Kimball Hill / Next Stage capital campaign.

On Friday, March 14, PHS Vice President and master craftsman Timothy Ragle will give an authoritative talk about antique interiors. Using hands-on artifacts and slides from Putney houses, Tim will teach you how to “read” an older house to determine its age, and what parts of the house may be original or added at later dates. This will develop your eye for architectural detail, especially if you live or work in a pre-1850 building. Much of our nicest Vermont workmanship involves these antique interior features.

Tim trained at a top furniture design program at the Master’s Level and was employed for over 31 years in construction and woodworking and as shop foreman. He has designed and built original furniture exhibited and sold throughout New England, and lectured and judged at national shows as a recognized expert antique carriage restorer. He resides here in Putney, where he remains actively involved in restoration, historic research and preservation.

Tim plans to showcase four or five houses: one or two from Walpole, one from Guilford, and two from Putney.  He will show regional differences and similarities from these local areas from about 1762 to the 1830’s, and teach viewers to notice elements that help date a house just passing by on foot, or in the car.  He’ll focus on the exterior of these houses: style and type, the fenestration, doors, chimneys, siding, and how these changed over time, and then move on to the interior of these houses to discuss the keeping room, the parlor, staircases, etc.  He’ll teach how to date a house through building elements, paneling, wainscoting, use of chair rails and backband, type of hardware including nails, hinges, door latches, etc.  He will also have a display of window types, door hardware, hinges, backband samples, and a door sample, including latches and nails.

“I have been building and designing furniture for 35 years. I was fortunate to study with both Gib Taylor at Marlboro College and then later with the celebrated master craftsman par excellance, Tage Frid, at the Rhode Island School of Design. Both teachers excited a curiosity and passion within me that that exists to this day.”

The talk will start immediately after Community Supper.

Contact: Stuart Strothman 802-275-8190/

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PHS Annual Meeting: Aug. 25

on Aug 3rd 2013

The annual meeting will be held at 15 Kimball Hill (Next Stage) on Sunday, August 25 at 2 pm. There will be a dedication to Laura and George Heller, and celebratory program on a half century of work at the Historical Society following the business meeting. Members and public are encouraged to attend.

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Water Power from the Mill–Thursday, Aug. 30

on Aug 23rd 2012

Water Power From The Mill:
How The River Worked for Ben’s Mill in Vermont & Is Going Back to Work Again
A Presentation by the Putney Historical Society
Featuring the Film “Ben Thresher’s Mill” and a Presentation about old mills incl. the restoration of Ben’s Mill as told by Hiram Allen of the Ben’s Mill Trust, Barnet.
Suggested Donation $3.00
Thursday, August 30th
6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Next Stage, 15 Kimball Hill, Putney, Vermont

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PHS Votes to Take United Church of Putney

on Aug 22nd 2009

Today at the annual meeting, PHS members voted to accept the 1841 United Church of Putney, with the understanding it will become our new home. Community suppers and support groups will continue. What a day!
Our report included a total of 660K to date for the general store. Opening May 3. Thank you, to friends and supporters.

Church, c.1900

Church, c.1900

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Save the Date: August 22! Tours, annual meeting and more

on Aug 8th 2009

Note: some times have been recently adjusted due to memorial services for Milly Ellis (past PHS board member) and Claire Oglesby. All events are free, though contributions are accepted; donations are suggested for Pierce’s Hall events.

Saturday, August 22

10am-2pm–Putney Historical Society open for visitors.

Historic Building Tours:
Read the entire post: Save the Date: August 22! Tours, annual meeting and more

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Musical events to benefit Pierce’s Hall and the General Store

on Jun 25th 2009

Hi Everyone!  Welcome to summer.

Two great events are coming up to benefit your gathering places.  We encourage you all to come out and have some fun, knowing your money goes to a good cause.

On July 2 and 3, at 8pm at the Centre Congregational Church in Brattleboro, the Yellow Barn Music School and Festival’s Young Artists Program will present concerts to benefit the restoration of the General Store and Pierce’s Hall.

This Saturday, June 27, an interactive kids concert will be held at Pierce’s Hall at 5pm. Sue Caviola, Mike Auerbach, Mark Baker, Janet Goldstein and Gene Koch will perform songs for children and families to benefit Pierce’s restoration.

Pierce’s Hall has  a matching Historic Preservation grant for all donations, and an additional grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

The concert is followed by a potluck supper at 6 and the monthly contra dance, with family hour beginning at 7.

Thanks so much to the Yellow Barn, and to Sue Caviola!

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Town Meeting–Tuesday March 3, 2009, 10 am

on Feb 21st 2009

The historical society’s report is posted below.

Putney Historical Society

On May 3, 2008, a fire severely blackened the heart of Putney, leaving a blight where an important gathering place had been.
Since late August, the Putney Historical Society has striven to reestablish the Putney General Store at the heart of our village. Read the entire post: Town Meeting–Tuesday March 3, 2009, 10 am

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Santa Claus Came to Town!

on Dec 21st 2008

Sunday, December 21st, around 4 pm, Santa Claus came to take suggestions and comments from, and give gifts to community children.  Unfortunately, there was a blizzard–and though that did not deter him much, only a few children saw him emerge from the historical society fire escape.

We had a fire, and a warming tent for Santa to visit with children, out of the snow.  Fourteen people came!  The snow piled up pretty thick.  But we pulled in $150 for the high school band, so they can attend the presidential inauguration!  We’re very proud that our kids will represent Vermont, as one of only five bands selected for the extremely historic event.

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It’s (Painted) Curtains at PHS! Oct 4

on Oct 1st 2008

by Barbara Taylor

Chris Hadsel, who worked on the Painted Theater curtains awhile ago, recently announced a Windham County Open House that will take place October 4 & 5 in the towns of Jamaica, Newfane, Grafton, Saxtons River, Westminster, Guilford and Putney, displaying painted curtains from itinerant painters in the early 1900s.  Putney Historical Society will be hosting her painters and displaying our curtains from 10 – 4 on Saturday, October 4.

She arrived at PHS on Monday Sept. 14 to look at the Advertising curtain (she had not been present when they repaired it) and the Town Hall.  The Tree/Leaf panels that were near the stage caught her eye, and she identified them as being painted by a man named Henry who did curtains up and down this valley.  The folks she sent to repair the Advertising curtain really didn’t think these were important enough to work with at the time; Chris found them and the top teasers to be in good shape and needing some additional
TLC.  Come see these beautiful works of art.

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Community Discussion of General Store Project at Annual Meeting, September 21 08

on Sep 6th 2008

Whether you are a historical society member, or simply a concerned citizen, please attend our informational discussion at the Community Center on Sunday, September 21, 2008, at 2 p.m, to learn about our phased plan to save the General Store. This will be our annual meeting, beginning with the introduction of our new slate of officers. We will seek direction from our members on this project, and we encourage contributions from other interested members of the community. Lyssa Papazian, the board’s community liason for this project, will lead the discussion along with president Stuart Strothman, and Paul Bruhn of the Preservation Trust of Vermont. Other members of our task force will be present as well to answer questions. This will be an opportunity for the people of Putney to judge the feasibility of our plans, and to consider contribution of some kind toward our efforts to restore the general merchandise store which has anchored our town center for 165 years. This will be a major event in the history of Putney, and we sincerely hope you will attend. If we are successful, we will restore the town center, and help to stabilize our community’s character and economy.

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