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The General Merchandise Store (Putney General Store!)

The longest running general merchandise store in Vermont is reopened! Please come visit.

Putney Historical Society

Formerly the Congregational Church, Federated Church, and United Church of Putney--now home of the Putney Historical Society and the Next Stage Arts Project! Come attend an event, or a movie.

Putney People


Family photos of George Aiken, 36-year U.S. Senator from Putney, Vermont.

around town

A collection of diverse images from Putney.

Civil War

Photos from Putney-born Civil War photographer George Houghton.

Pierce's Hall

An historic meeting house in East Putney, currently used for monthly contra dances.


Putney schoolhouses: one-room, and larger.

Thwing Mill

Historic photos of Thwing Mill, which was reconstructed in 1986, and given to PHS in 2002.

Town Hall

Recent photos of newly painted Town Hall entry.

Sketches for the Website

A variety of sketches in the PHS collection.

PHS Holiday Events

Varied PHS events--holidays and celebrations.

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  1. jersmom Oct 9th 2009 at 03:10 pm 1

    I’m new to the PHS website and am not sure how to navigate it completely yet; but wanted to mention that the pictures of “the Little Red School House” bring back memories for me. My Grandmother, Leone (Wood) Roberts (born in 1922) attended this school and each time that we would visit Putney, VT from our home in Western MA, she would tell us of how she would take her sled from the top of Leon Wood Road (the white house at the top was where she and her family lived; her Dad being “Leon Wood”) around that hair-pin turn, and to the bottom at the school house in the winter months! She always had stories to tell about this school that are happy memories for her, and now for our family. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures with us!

  2. Stuart Strothman Aug 13th 2013 at 01:14 pm 2

    Hi jersmom,
    We just had the Kathan reunion and were looking at photos from 1930 and 1931 at the little red school house…Dexter and Robert Kathan were in it, and your grandmother. The Kathan boys were later WWII veterans. Thank you for looking!
    sstrothman, Secretary
    Putney Historical Society

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