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on Jul 14th 2008

We try to follow our mission “to bring together those persons interested…in the history of the Town of Putney, Vermont…to collect any materials…pertinent to the history of Putney; to acquire property…in order to preserve historic resources.” We’re pleased to say that visitors came every week during our summer office hours and researched topics including geneology, geology, John Noyes, town photos, mills, and houses. We’ve had three events and worked to digitize negatives from the Fairchild and our printed photo collection; we’ve had a few donations of historic records and artifacts.
Most of our time is spent working to preserve our historic resource, the 1841 church at 15 Kimball Hill, shared home of PHS and Next Stage. The building has allowed many people to come together at community suppers, Next Stage, or other events.
We are grateful to over 80 local donors to our Building Compliance and Emergency Project. With your help, we’ve added an egress stair at the rear of the auditorium, an ADA-compliant restroom, and moisture-sealed the crawl space. Alongside Next Stage over the last two years, we’ve put in electrical upgrades, insulation, code work to the furnace room and stairs, a fire alarm system, lighted egress signage, and roof repair, all by local contractors. Next Stage has also greatly improved the upstairs performance space.
The Project has support from many grant programs and foundations: Vermont Arts Council—Cultural Facilities Grant ($12,750, requiring a 50/50 match); Riverledge Foundation ($2000); Vermont Community Foundation ($2000 from the Small and Inspiring Fund and $2500 from the Walter Cerf Community Fund); and the Crosby-Gannet fund ($500). PHS has pledged $5000 of reserves toward the Project; we need to raise another $2K in local donations for our emergency building fund, for urgent repairs in the next few years.
Looking ahead, we’ve been awarded a $125K tax credit toward our façade and an elevator and sprinkler system. Our five-year plan has us working hand-in-hand with Next Stage both to improve space for historic resources and create a well-equipped performance venue. In doing this, we hope to further our mission, and help create a more vibrant town economy.

Stuart Strothman
PHS Secretary
March 2013

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