Dating Older Houses: with Tim Ragle of Jonathan Jesup Restoration

on Jan 22nd 2016


Friday, March 14 2014 at 7pm
at Next Stage (15 Kimball Hill Rd.) in Putney

Dating Older Houses: with Tim Ragle of Jonathan Jesup Restoration

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A Putney Historical Society Presentation
Suggested donation $10,
with all proceeds supporting
the 15 Kimball Hill / Next Stage capital campaign.

On Friday, March 14, PHS Vice President and master craftsman Timothy Ragle will give an authoritative talk about antique interiors. Using hands-on artifacts and slides from Putney houses, Tim will teach you how to “read” an older house to determine its age, and what parts of the house may be original or added at later dates. This will develop your eye for architectural detail, especially if you live or work in a pre-1850 building. Much of our nicest Vermont workmanship involves these antique interior features.

Tim trained at a top furniture design program at the Master’s Level and was employed for over 31 years in construction and woodworking and as shop foreman. He has designed and built original furniture exhibited and sold throughout New England, and lectured and judged at national shows as a recognized expert antique carriage restorer. He resides here in Putney, where he remains actively involved in restoration, historic research and preservation.

Tim plans to showcase four or five houses: one or two from Walpole, one from Guilford, and two from Putney.  He will show regional differences and similarities from these local areas from about 1762 to the 1830’s, and teach viewers to notice elements that help date a house just passing by on foot, or in the car.  He’ll focus on the exterior of these houses: style and type, the fenestration, doors, chimneys, siding, and how these changed over time, and then move on to the interior of these houses to discuss the keeping room, the parlor, staircases, etc.  He’ll teach how to date a house through building elements, paneling, wainscoting, use of chair rails and backband, type of hardware including nails, hinges, door latches, etc.  He will also have a display of window types, door hardware, hinges, backband samples, and a door sample, including latches and nails.

“I have been building and designing furniture for 35 years. I was fortunate to study with both Gib Taylor at Marlboro College and then later with the celebrated master craftsman par excellance, Tage Frid, at the Rhode Island School of Design. Both teachers excited a curiosity and passion within me that that exists to this day.”

The talk will start immediately after Community Supper.

Contact: Stuart Strothman 802-275-8190/

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