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Putney General Store–New Sign by Will Parmalee

on Nov 15th 2011

The new sign went up today. Modeled on the S.L. Davis sign the store sported from the 30’s – 50’s, it shows the beautiful work of lifetime resident Will Parmalee. He also offered us these anagrams:
Teen grouper Stanley
Sore ugly teen parent
One grunty pet sealer
Great punt nosey reel
Rent an ugly seer poet
Your pre-teen tangles
Yes to tree-nap lunger
Prosey leg train tune
Sane group relent yet
A teeny group relents
Gentle runty rose ape
Gently see true apron
Steer your pentangle
Gee, your pants relend
Tense royal egret pun
Greet one slerpy aunt
Nugent’s party eel roe
Great puny stoner eel
Penny greets Lou (rat)
Repent no greasy lute
One pansy lute regret
Larry’s one gleep tune
Sane grunt poetry eel
Stony renter plague
Grape snorty eel tune
ET lounge partner? Yes!
Surreal yet open gent
Serpent tongue relay
See runty tangle rope
Retune ole grey pants
Eat grey tunnel spores
Tan your green petels
Grey plane tune store
(Will’s family helped with the anagrams, too.)

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