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on Nov 16th 2009

Local Musicians, Poets and Puppeteers help rebuild community spirit after fire.

On the evening of November 20, at 7:30 pm, performers from Putney and Westminster West gathered at the United Church in downtown Putney in the spirit of rebuilding what was lost on the night of November 1st. Read the entire post: RE:STORE

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Putney General Store Burns Down Nov. 1 2009

on Nov 5th 2009

Dear readers,

Thank you all so much for your warm concern and regrets. We have been faced with an incredible challenge this week, and we turn to you for a little support.

If you didn’t know–the General Store burnt to the ground November 1, just as we were in the final stretch of reconstruction, prior to reopening. We had great, experienced proprietors and everything.

Now we are faced with hard decisions. But if we do not lose heart, much of what we achieved is still very much in play. We are poised to act quickly, but we will need help.

We voted as a board Tuesday to cautiously pursue the feasibility of rebuilding the store. We very much want to do this! Please consider joining our organization.

$15 gives you membership through 2010. Send a check to: Treasurer, Putney Historical Society Town Hall, Box 233 Putney, VT 05346
If you would like to include an additional, tax-deductible donation for the store, great! You can also make online donations at

Thank you.
Stuart Strothman
Putney Historical Society

Recent AP article on fire

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