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Santa Claus Came to Town!

on Dec 21st 2008

Sunday, December 21st, around 4 pm, Santa Claus came to take suggestions and comments from, and give gifts to community children.  Unfortunately, there was a blizzard–and though that did not deter him much, only a few children saw him emerge from the historical society fire escape.

We had a fire, and a warming tent for Santa to visit with children, out of the snow.  Fourteen people came!  The snow piled up pretty thick.  But we pulled in $150 for the high school band, so they can attend the presidential inauguration!  We’re very proud that our kids will represent Vermont, as one of only five bands selected for the extremely historic event.

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Yes, Virginia, the Putney Historical Society does own the General Store!

on Dec 10th 2008

After strong community support, a loan, and some legal back and forth, the Putney Historical Society closed on the General Store on November 7. Very exciting!

Bob Stevens, a respected Brattleboro engineer, helped us complete a structural analysis in September and October to determine feasibility and costs, which were higher than we had hoped.

Immediately, we went out to bid on the contract; we are pleased to announce that Ingram Construction, a local company with an excellent reputation, submitted the best proposal and has been selected! They should be at work soon after you read this, cleaning out the building and putting up roof trusses. Thank goodness—we’ve all been waiting for the project to begin!

So while we wait, we’re decorating the store, and hosting a party on the village green on the 21st. Bring mittens and a warm mug of something hot to drink, and we’ll have raise some holiday spirit.

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