It’s (Painted) Curtains at PHS! Oct 4

on Oct 1st 2008

by Barbara Taylor

Chris Hadsel, who worked on the Painted Theater curtains awhile ago, recently announced a Windham County Open House that will take place October 4 & 5 in the towns of Jamaica, Newfane, Grafton, Saxtons River, Westminster, Guilford and Putney, displaying painted curtains from itinerant painters in the early 1900s.  Putney Historical Society will be hosting her painters and displaying our curtains from 10 – 4 on Saturday, October 4.

She arrived at PHS on Monday Sept. 14 to look at the Advertising curtain (she had not been present when they repaired it) and the Town Hall.  The Tree/Leaf panels that were near the stage caught her eye, and she identified them as being painted by a man named Henry who did curtains up and down this valley.  The folks she sent to repair the Advertising curtain really didn’t think these were important enough to work with at the time; Chris found them and the top teasers to be in good shape and needing some additional
TLC.  Come see these beautiful works of art.

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