May 31 08

on Jul 27th 2008

PHS Minutes, May 31, 2008
Present: Tim, Ruth, Lindley, Barbara, Stuart, Laurel, Maryanne

Minutes of PHS Jan. 19, 2008 approved
Twilight on the tavern—moved and seconded to contribute $100 to the concert series. Concerts will be on Sunday this year.
Regular hours + staffing—Stuart is planning to staff PHS 9-12 Saturdays, and would like to advertise. Discussion involved the commitment aspect—and if people are assisting to staff, they’ll need to have an orientation to find out where things are. Possible children’s history hour.
Summer activities—spreadsheet of artifacts. Ruth going through boxes to identify things that relate to Putney. Indexing articles she has already collected—Putney articles Vermont Life. Building website. Creating displays—one in large wooden case, maybe another, Aiken collection. Transcribing. Making CDs of oral interviews for sale. Deaccessioning. Ramona Lawrence brought pictures from Louisa Amidon—accessioning these, and scanning.
Possible programs—on Amos Foster.
Displays/Sales—we will likely have these during Tavern music, Saturday mornings. Maryanne has some display materials she’ll share with Stuart. Only 50 people currently allowed upstairs.
Fourth of July celebration—would be willing to do something with Louise Simonson. Possibly give people an opportunity to think about it for a year first—plan for next year. An Old Home day…float in the Saxtons River parade.
Painting entryway—find out original colors? Subcommittee to look at colors.
Interviews—Putney Stories going strong. We will get bill for the difference between Chittenden’s $300 donation and the roughly $400 recorder recently purchased, and pay it to Meredith Wade.
Settee—interest in donating from Maryland donor, but wants tax benefit. We affirmed we are tax exempt. We indicated we are not an appropriate setting for this piece, and Ruth will suggest Windham County Historical Society. Can we ask for the possibility of getting the piece back if we someday have a museum?
Motion to adjourn accepted.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Stuart Strothman

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