Annual Meeting, September 23 07

on Jul 27th 2008

Location: Putney Community Center

Members present: President Ruth Barton, Vice President Laurel Ellis, Secretary Stuart Strothman, Barbara Taylor, Tom Jamison, Jane Rawley, Tim Ragle
Also present, many people including Craig Stead, co presenter with Tim Ragle of historic 1820’s house.

Meeting called to order by Ruth Barton at 2:00 p.m.

Secretary’s report was offered. Motion by Laurel Ellis to accept the September 24, 2006 minutes of the Putney Historical Society Annual Meeting was seconded and accepted.

Treasurer’s report was offered. As of July 31, 2007, the PHS Financial Summary sheet reflects a balance of $80,157.89 between PHS assets and liabilities. Treasurer Lyndley Speers is updating the report.
On behalf of the Nominating Committee, Jane Rawley nominated the following slate of officers to serve for the 2007 -2008 term: President, Stuart Strothman; Vice President, Tim Ragle; Treasurer, Lindley Speers; Secretary, Jane Rawley. The new slate was moved and seconded and passed unanimously.

On behalf of the Nominating Committee, Jane Rawley also nominated the following people to serve for a three year term on the Board of Directors: Ruth Barton, Tom Jamison, Barbara Taylor, Maryanne Toffolon, Katie Bowen, and Lyssa Papazian. The new slate was moved and seconded and passed unanimously.
Before stepping down as President and accepting her new role as director, Ruth Barton summarized the activities in which PHS has been involved under her leadership. These have included the handling of our collection and of the Thwing Mill, as well as our study of Pierce’s Hall, which did not prove to be the right location for us. She mentioned the PHS’s success in putting on a Community Supper in June. Ruth looks forward to continued participation on the Board.

New President Stuart Strothman then recognized all of Ruth’s accomplishments and thanked her for her expertise and years of service. He then proposed changing the schedule of PHS meetings from monthly meetings to quarterly. Stuart would like these meetings to precede or coincide with a quarterly event, such as an upcoming fashion show this winter. Then he reported on the current Putney Stories Project, which involves students from local schools (and others) interviewing town elders, such as Craig Stead, regarding the history of Putney. Stuart encouraged the public to listen to one of the oral histories on display after the meeting. He also encouraged interested parties to sign up if they would like to conduct an interview and/or can think of a town elder to interview.

President then introduced Tim Ragle and Craig Stead, who presented a slide show of their research and investigation of an historic1820s cape house, currently owned by Bob Burch, and dating back through the ownership of many parties to Rufus Pearce II and his father Rufus Pearce I, who acquired the property in 1791 from Prentiss Willard, son of Josiah Willard of Fort Dummer.

President then adjourned the meeting at 3:30 p.m. for refreshments and displays.

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